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The Alexander Appreciation thread

Started by Arkillian, February 14, 2011, 07:02:40 PM

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I didn't really care for the purple or the hair, but I thought the voice actor and the writing was pretty well done.


Quote from: snabbott on March 01, 2011, 08:49:04 AM
I'm wondering - what do you fangirls think of AGDI's Gwydion/Alexander?
Never played it. :(
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Perpetually. ;D
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No? Well, it's definitely worth playing!

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I need to go play that game. After I have the time to play Dragon Age and Mass Effect 2. And Assassins Creed 2. And some other crap I have laying around.

You know, this is sort of ridiculous. When I was with Telltale, I had the time to dedicate and build Episode 1 and still play games. Now, my play games time has gone somewhere strange and distant!

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I'm not sure how to answer this as he has some moments where I go  :sweetheart: but over all, his voice actor didn't do it for me which is disappointing cause apparently they were professionals. See, in KQ6 he has this soft sweet voice. I didn't expect him to have that in this game, but I wanted to hear the liberation in his voice, but he didn't really seem to 'gain interest' as the game progressed. He's never seen the world before, yet his voice tone stayed the same as when he was a slave through the whole game. It felt like he had given up on life even when he was free. I might try playing the game again without voices to see if it makes a difference. I loved the art though :)


I agree. Plus a lot of his lines sounded very rushed to me, as if he were reading them off of a script rather than composing them in his head. Now, obviously, he was reading them off of a script, but he's not supposed to sound like he is.
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This is true. I'm going to try it it without voice acting. I'll probably find that the words are just fine, it's just the delivery that's the issue :)


Quote from: tessspoon on March 01, 2011, 09:54:23 AM
I didn't really care for the purple or the hair, but I thought the voice actor and the writing was pretty well done.

Unfortunately Manannan keeps his supply of hair gel locked in the mysterious chest next to the desk in his basement lair.