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Who agrees Episode 3 has been the best episode so far?

Started by Hituro, March 03, 2011, 12:13:16 AM

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I agree Episode 3 is the best episode so far.  Technical issues notwithstanding, of course (but I know those will be worked out.)  Take it from me.... Cez, Katie, and the rest of the gang at Phoenix Online Studios are very serious about doing TSL right and making it the best game they can.... and while it's easy for us to take for granted what they are doing, we must all remember that most of the people who are making this game have no game industry experience.  

If this was a product that was being put out by an established company, I would be the first to say the technical issues should not be there.  After all, established companies have established QA methods and put their products through pretty exhaustive test phases.  

TSL is not the product of an established company, however.  It's the product of regular people just like you (the person reading this post) who came together and created something truly remarkable.  It's not without it's flaws and issues... but for a non-commercial product, it's exceptional for it's quality and it's depth.  The technical issues that it does suffer from are things that I am willing to chock up to inexperience.  These people are learning as they go.  

And in the end, that's what really matters.
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