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How to despatch the vines? Ep 2 - Isle of Wonder

Started by shirish, January 28, 2011, 04:22:09 AM

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Hi all,
   How do I despatch the vines? Ep 2 - Isle of Wonder. I tried to give money to the magnet and my icon changes to the magnet but there are vines in the way. How do I despatch them?

I have already filled the vines with water which they find refreshing.


Have you talked to the vines? If so, did they tell you anything interesting?
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Catherine DaCosta


There are different kinds of water in the Green Isles....

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[spoiler]With how the vines react when you talk to them its odd that they would be able to strangle you, they shudder and back off and ask you to go away because you smell of the sea, so why would they grab you??[/spoiler]


I guess they're just *that* desperate for companionship.

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