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Thoughts on episode 3

Started by cygnus, March 06, 2011, 05:25:06 PM

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Great job once again.

  • Very cool you put a full song for the credits
  • Cool how you put the sound of a hand slipping on glass as Valenice got pulled from the wagon :)
  • I don't really like the 3-D how all the map is not visible at once - since the interface is awkward to walk from palce to place on the same map - especially the castle, not sure how others feel.
  • Pretty buggy, but was able to finish it after about 10 crashes.
  • The puzzles seemed a bit random to me, I had to use walkthroughs.
  • I thought there was a lot of talking at the start.
  • Great music.
  • Glad you put preview video at end still

Can't wait for next episode, when is it out?


Next episode will be out when it's done.  That's about as specific as we're getting at the moment.  We're shooting for about three months, but we'll keep you guys posted when we come up with something more concrete at some point.
Weldon Hathaway