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Did I miss something?

Started by maatathena, March 08, 2011, 03:55:29 PM

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I just finished the ep, and one thing really puzzled me. 

With the candle sequence, how in the world were we supposed to guess that
[spoiler]we were supposed to perform some sort of ritual on the shears and the nightshade?[/spoiler]

I had to look up the answers on a walkthrough site, did I miss something?  I also had no idea why the above item was used on the banshee or to capture Rosella's voice, I again got the answer from a website.  I think I may be suffering from the fact that I played Eps 1 and 2 months ago.  These puzzles seemed to me to come totally out of nowhere. 

I just really felt like a lot of the puzzles really came out of no where and did not follow logically from information I had already gathered. 

[spoiler]For instance, using the branch to hold up the guillotine made total sense.  Princess and Pea hint, awesome!  Using the butterfly to get by scary bird, not so much.  [/spoiler]

If I am totally missing the hints, someone please tell me so I can replay and see them!  Thanks!


Hey there

There are a couple of places where to figure out the Zodiac Puzzle:

[spoiler]If you read the books in the bookshop about the nightshade and the Samson and Delilah story, it tells you exactly that you need to empower the items with the powers of Air and Water for the Nightshade and Earth and Fire for the Shears --(For example, Delilah used a the shears empowered with the powers of earth and fire to take Samson's strength). The Nightshade book also tells you that the flower takes your breath away --or you can look at it in your inventory. For the banshee, it steals her voice, taking her breath away, and, therefore, her scream. If you then visit the Village, and see the bulleting board, you will see an article on the zodiac signs that gives you information about what element each signs belongs to and what image is related to that zodiac sign. By switching on all the zodiac signs that belong to fire and earth, you can empower the shears, for example. Then, if you look at the scroll, telling you that you need the strength of the male subject and the voice of the female subject, you get the final piece to put the puzzle together[/spoiler]

As for the butterfly puzzle:

[spoiler]If you talk to the Archdruid after meeting the last form of the guardian, you can ask him about it and he will give you a direct hint[/spoiler]

Cesar Bittar
Phoenix Online


Thanks!  As I suspected, I read those books months ago.  I knew I should have replayed ep 2, but I just wanted to dive right in! 


You can read the books again in Episode 3 :) That's what I did. They were WAY more relevant second time around ^^