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EP3 Lit Zodiac Candles, Now What?

Started by Thunderforge, August 12, 2011, 07:56:29 PM

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This is a spin off from this topic. I've gotten to a point in Episode 3 where I'm utterly stuck. I got Fan's candle lit and I can light the zodiac in the Druid's hut (unfortunately the Druid isn't around to help me out). Here's what I've figured out:

  • Lighting all twelve candles puts the "Crying Baby" Easter Egg in the fire pit, which I found not knowing what it was
  • Out of all the items in my inventory, Graham will only put the Nightshade and the shears in the fire pit. I have no clue why. Everything else I'm told he "doesn't want to empower." Why I'm empowering stuff in the first place, I have no clue.
  • When I put either item in, some magical energy appears that eventually turns red, explodes, and kills Graham
  • The same thing happens when I snuff out most of the candles, leaving only the Earth, only the Air, only the Water, and only the Fire candles lit (my guess was Air + Nightshade w/ Banshee Scream = A Female Subject's Voice).
  • I can combine the Nightshade and the shell and the narrator says something about how Graham "hopes it will work." Again, no clue why he thinks that. If I try to put the combo in the fire, the Narrator says to separate them first.
So that's what I know so far. I can't figure out what I'm supposed to do. Any hints would be greatly appreciated.


There's some local reading material available on the Isle of the Crown that can help you figure out which candles to light so that using those items in the pit has a safer result.
Weldon Hathaway