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KQ Fan games article

Started by sebpod, March 23, 2011, 08:16:03 AM

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Interesting article. I find this amusing:

QuoteI can only imagine what either group could turn out with actual budgets and dedicated staffs.

Does he not know about the AGDI - Himalaya Studios connection?

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QuoteIf AGD's backstory comes in a package with a bow, Phoenix chopped down a tree, turned it into pulp and made their own wrapping paper. There seems to be no event in the "King's Quest" universe that won't be the result of sinister machinations by the end of "Lining."

Hahaha...great analogy.


Quote from: sebpod on March 23, 2011, 08:16:03 AM

I think this little article nails it completely with the positives and the negatives.

Yep.  I think the author gets it.  Good article.

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you know it's going to get harder and harder as you
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Even though the game is pretty much stuck on its current course, I wish the lesson from the AGDI criticism had been considered. As it says in the article, some of the puzzles in both games are pretty good, but the neat bowtie solution has been applied far too many times.

I will say I still liked the KQ2 and KQ3 AGDI remakes though. The KQ2 remake fleshed out a much more interactive story/character set. I think it would be neat to have someone just cut out all the "Father" references. The game would retain just about everything minus the fat. KQ3 redux I think was a huge improvement on numerous gameplay issues with KQ3. The timer, the spell mixing, ingame discovery of manannan's intentions. Again, cut away the fat and its near perfect!

It almost makes me wonder if the same could be done here. episodes 1 and 2 had next to no overarching evil intentions. That being said, part 3 handed that out like candy, so it would be trickier to adapt, but I still think it would be possible to do and develop a wholly original story.