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Bear Contest

Started by Say, March 29, 2004, 02:14:58 PM

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I am not sure if any of those are mine :-\
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I wasn't sure if we could tell which ones are ours...can we?

If so...Baby Bear being named Ewok...if not,  :-\.

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WOOOOO I got two or maybe three runners up (in addition to winning sister bear ;D). I named the baby bear Theodocious "Teddy," the mama bear Clawdia, and the father bear Griswold. I'm not sure whether "Grizzwald" is my runner up because of the spelling difference.


nice names for the runner ups makes me wonder what the final names are  ;-D
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You guys are free to say which are yours.  Only liam can't reveal his winning name.  

There were even more runner-ups, but I decided to keep it to the top 50.  ;D
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You'd probably be surprised how many similar spellings or same names we got for some of them! Phew. That's a lot of names to go through, believe me!

But congrats to all our winners!  :D

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Quote from: Yonkey on June 21, 2004, 01:03:38 PM
You guys are free to say which are yours.  Only liam can't reveal his winning name.

No worries there, even I don't know which name was chosen XD.


I only submitted once and I got three runner ups! :D

My favorite from myself was for the baby, though:

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