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crystal tear, web-b-gone

Started by dragonprincess, April 23, 2011, 05:40:47 PM

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Hi, I really love this game so far, great plot, very interesting all the twists and turns, very creative. I have played King's Quest since I was 15, wish I could have discoveed it sooner, love the medieval fantasy fairy tale theme, and the fact that it is about a family. Would anyone like to read some of my KQ fanfiction stories?

I have the shell but now I would like to get the wbe-be-gone to get the spider web off the butterfly. I'd like to show the butterfly to the Morrigan crow. Interesting Celtic mythology in the game. The sign in the pawn shop says I need to trade a crystal tear for the web be gone. Where can I find a crystal tear?


Try exploring the other islands a little more. There's one place where you can get tears. After that, you just have to figure out to crystallize it. :)

Good luck!

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