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My KQ art at deviant art gallery

Started by dragonprincess, May 10, 2011, 01:04:36 PM

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I have a deviant art gallery with fan art, mostly Disney, and some King's Quest. Here is the link:   I hope you all like my KQ drawings.


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Ah- I see you're a KQ7 fan :) Some lovely drawings there ^^ Mind if I suggest though with the coloured pencil, insteed of doing long strokes, use tight circles with a sharper pencil? You'll cover more surface area with colour then, and it'll give it a flatter texture. Long strokes are good to give the impression of a long texture like hair. You can give it an even more flatter colour with burnishing.

So, what kind of professional art were you looking at getting into? You mentioned on your page that you were looking at going pro.


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