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Started by MikPal, May 15, 2011, 03:08:50 PM

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Well... 6-1.

I'm not a fan of sports, but I though it would be appropriate to bug you guys with this since I was sleeping like a baby and suddenly all my neighbours screamed like someone was slaughtering a pig while outside somebody shot some fireworks a bit too close to the buildings and all the time a group drove around the building with a loudspeaker siren on. And about a minute ago I could hear my neighbour opening his balcony door and screaming from the top of his longs: "HYVÄ SUOMI!!" I just opened my own balcony door and I can hear the whole city screaming out of happiness. It's about a couple of minutes to midnight and I'm sure at the moment there is love in the air.

Good thing this happens only once in 15 years.