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Which TSL Sample Music is your favourite??

Started by draconum, April 20, 2004, 03:17:26 PM

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Which KQIX sample music piece is your favourite??

Graham's Theme
3 (10.7%)
NightMary's Theme
3 (10.7%)
Rosella's Theme
5 (17.9%)
Alexander's Theme
15 (53.6%)
None, I hate music, it all sucks.
2 (7.1%)

Total Members Voted: 28


lol, I was almost tempted to open a begging thread ; ) hahahaha.... but i decided it could be here too....

*puppy eyes*

please Cesar?? .....please??

*sobs* ; )
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Quotewee hee!  Alexander's theme is voted the best!  MWA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA!  It's the subliminal messages I put in the song - you must love this song.  You will love this song.  MWA HAA HAA HAAH AA!  This was just a test.  Now that I know it's working, I can apply my subliminal messages to more musical pieces, and then television commercials, and then I will control the world!  MWA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA    

*cough, cough*....ahem.....

Thank you all for your lovely comments about Alex and Rosella's themes  

*Plays Alexander's Theme backwards*

"You must love this song.  You will love this song. I am your master now! MWA HAA HAA HAA HAA HAA"

Well, whaddya know ;P


Quote from: mfortunato on April 28, 2004, 12:08:16 PM
If they heard the piano version or the other orchestrated version, they may have chosen that over the one that's there ;).  (that's my little spoiler - there's more versions of Rosella's theme).  

Now it's time for all of you to beg and plead Cesar to upload those versions for all to hear :D

Ain't I a stinker ;P?

actually, yeah

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I think Rosella's theme is similar to other fantasy themes, maybe it's the instrument.


Late, but I always  <3'd Alexander's Theme.  I have a soft spot for melancholy musical pieces :3
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For me it's probably Alexander, Rosella, Nightmary, and Graham. Graham's is good but seems a little less dramatic than the others.
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I picked King Graham's theme BUT i must say my favorite on the page is Lost the battle, Win the war....really nice piece
Cedric: Graham, look out - a poisonous snake!

thanks Cedric.......


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