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Lighting candles

Started by stlouisn, May 23, 2011, 01:49:21 PM

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I have gotten the first set of candles lit and used the blue aroma fire on the night shade and it now glows.  I have tried to light the other set of candles and when I tried to use the sheers on the blue aroma fire it looks like it will work but then I get a red mist/smoke and then I die. 




There are very specific combinations of what candles need to be lit (and which ones cannot be lit) for the two items. If you're still getting zapped when you're trying to empower the shears, you don't have the right combination yet. Double check that you've got them correct--if it's still not working, go look where you found the information to empower the nightshade correctly and double-check that you've got the right ones.

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