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[NOT-FIXED]Computer crashed, now it says "corrupted" file. (Category: Install/Setup)

Started by wicked_lu, June 03, 2011, 12:56:51 PM

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I had TSL installed on my computer, and it ran beautifully. But my computer crashed the other day and we had to reinstall everything, and now when I go to reinstall TSL, it first told me my file was corrupt and wouldn't it tells me that my system has not been modified during installation and stops installing.

Any ideas?


Check in your installed programs listed via your computer's control panel and make sure you have the game completely uninstalled, then try totally reinstalling it from scratch.  If you had to reinstall other things as well then you'll want to make sure your operating system is totally up to date with everything that Microsoft has for it.
Weldon Hathaway