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Started by pleroma, May 21, 2011, 11:55:05 AM

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Loving the game so far. It really feels like returning home when playing them.

I have a question though, any chance of making higher res textures? Especially the characters faces, I feel it takes a way from it a bit. Or perhaps some bump maps?

I have used Photoshop and 3DS Max myself (but am no expert) and if I could help out in some way I would be willing.


They are looking for environmental artists :) The problem is that they COULD get graphics liek the modern games, but most of the game has been run on an old engine from what I've gathered. I'm sure they could explain it better than me, but TSL has actually been a 10 year project so far.


Yeah it's been a very long project so we are using an engine that's a bit outdated, which forces us into some simpler textures.  On our other projects we'll be able to do quite a bit more with better textures and so on.
Weldon Hathaway


Ah, alright.

Thanks for the replies guys.