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EP 3 Bug with Snapping Dragons

Started by Thunderforge, June 15, 2011, 06:19:05 PM

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When you're chasing the checker piece that is running away with your conch shell and you first get to the scene on the gate, double click on the gate to run over there (which is a reasonable thing for the players to do because you're trying to get there as fast as you can).

The only trouble is that you'll be farther than the Snapping Dragons when they try to trip you, but the whole trip sequence will still be there. This makes it look very awkward. For me, Graham slid through the gate, but was floating through the air as if he was being restrained by the Snapping Dragons.

I'm guessing the fix to this would be to somehow prevent Graham from going too far before the whole Snapping Dragons deal starts up.

Also, if you try to talk to the Snapping Dragons, the narrator says it doesn't work. Since Graham is whistling to them, I think it should work whether you talk to Graham or talk to the Snapping Dragons.