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Auto-Save Feature?

Started by Influet, July 11, 2011, 03:17:41 PM

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The game locks up and freezes on me quite a bit. Is there an auto-save option?

I don't really save my game often, only before I quit. My last save point was at the beginning of Episode 2 and I was nearing the middle of that chapter. How disappointing. :(

How about an auto-save feature for the 4th episode? Unless that option already exists, where could I find and enable it? Thank you!

The Hero

I myself was just about to post a topic about this i second the auto save as ive had to reply  parts of ep 4 many times i understand bugs and crashs happen with new products but  I am sure we would also LOVE  a auto save


There were some random crashing issues before we released Episode 4 but we did a lot of work on that and tested it pretty extensively.  If the game is still having stability issues for you it most likely would run better with some adjustments to the in-game graphics settings.  Maybe lowering those or changing the option to run the game in a window instead of in fullscreen mode.
Weldon Hathaway

The Hero

Yes regardless auto save would rock hint hint


hmm,, if it were added to the existing save system, but personally I don't see the need or point of it,
(and games with only one exclusive auto save feature usually suck cause you have to reach milestones to get a save, or even worse, you don't even know when the game is actually saved),

here, it seems an auto save feature is needed because of the game's instability, and since it's being improved more and more with patches and updates I don't really see the point of it,

I can't ever remember playing an pure adventure game with auto saves,
to me it seems most pro game reviewers usually hates it too (and I probably have to agree :)


 >:( Im, Having trouble :( saving the game everytime i save it i cant fine the file on the game so it means that i cant close the game without restarting,any help? ??? ??? ???


Quote from: Izzie_Roxas on November 12, 2011, 12:26:43 AM
>:( Im, Having trouble :( saving the game everytime i save it i cant fine the file on the game so it means that i cant close the game without restarting,any help? ??? ??? ???

Try the suggestions listed in this thread:
Weldon Hathaway

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Im not suggesting the save bee one single save take Blackwell convergence for example that has a auto save but also allow you ro set your own the classic therefore not being limited at all
this was done in ags i'm sure tsl can do it to 


Speaking of saved games... I can't continue my Episode 3 save (with Suffers) into Episode 4 on either of my computers, which use the Full Install of 1-4. The game just crashes now.


You can't continue from one chapter to the next anymore. Even when you could, I don't think the Suffers stayed - I think they were among the things Graham "puts away for now."

Steve Abbott | Beta Tester | The Silver Lining


Yes the "continue" feature was completely pulled for Episode 4's release.  There was no real major benefit to it, and it was causing more harm than help so we just ditched it.
Weldon Hathaway


Bummer. Ok. So the three existing Suffers can never meet. :P
However, I do have a saved game with both the first two, and Rosella has both of them in her Ep 3 LP.