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Which adventure game fansite...

Started by Yonkey, April 25, 2004, 07:19:47 PM

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Which adventure game fansite is your personal favourite?

Roger Wilco's Virtual Broomcloset
4 (25%)
Sierra Planet
0 (0%)
How to Be a Hero
7 (43.8%)
0 (0%)
Quest for More Glory
1 (6.3%)
Adventure Gamers
4 (25%)

Total Members Voted: 14


Thanks to Brrr, I just found out that you can post links in poll options!  XD

Anyway, check out the sites first, then vote!  :D
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hmmm.... no 'other' option??

EDIT: if you can post a link in your sig, why can't you in your poll?? never know until you do so ; )
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I used to love the Broomcloset, but Jess has been AWOL forever. and Sierra Planet are nice, but in the end, I really love Adventure Gamers.

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Quote from: B'rrr on April 25, 2004, 07:23:57 PM
hmmm.... no 'other' option??
Nope!  ;P

Quote from: B'rrr on April 25, 2004, 07:23:57 PM
EDIT: if you can post a link in your sig, why can't you in your poll?? never know until you do so ; )
Well, I know you can't do YABBC tags everywhere in the forum but let me try it somewhere else and see.  :)

EDIT:  Looks like you can!  Thanks!  !!!
"A wish changes nothing. A decision changes everything."


yay!! they work fine!! ...good to know for future polls ; ) ...hmmm... now about this one, what to vote.. ; )

Edit: lol, you edited before i post... btw you're welcome ; )
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I'm with Adventure Gamers (no offense to the other contestants) because it features such diverse information!  <3
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I would have voted "None", but it's not an option  ::)

I'll go with Sierra Planet then, if only because it's the one I most often visit  :-\
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Heh. I guess I voted for Lori Cole's HTBAH since I had some minor task in the site. :) But it's not really a Fansite. In fact QfG was based off the Cole's imagination, and Mishell's books are also, and this site... also. I don't know. This site is simply something original.

And I take offense at being 'A Wizard's Slave'! I hate wizards!!! Fighter's are rulers!


IN all honesty, I had never been to any of these sites.  So I took a quick tour of each one before finally settling on how to be a hero.  It's a really fun site.  I took the test which was amusing (still waiting for my results, though).

Now, my vote is based on five minutes on each site.
My 2nd would have been Adventure Gamers.
The third would have been Quest for more Glory.
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What?? What??  My site isn't on there??? :P I'll get back to you after I've visited each one...I had naturally assumed my site would not only be on there but getting the most votes. :P

Edit: I voted for Quest for More Glory just because I'm using them as a resource for my site (I may still obsessively play the games, but at least thanks to them having a lot of info already, I won't need to write down as much!). 'Course, I'm putting up KQ first so it'll be a while before I need them. :P


I picked Adventure Gamers, but mostly because I liked their layout the best.  XD
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I voted Broomcloset...I love reading the SQ game quotes mostly ;-)

I'd never seen Adventure Gamers, but now I'm liking that!! I was just reading about a really different and cool sounding game there called Facade...bonus, it'll be a free download when down. Very intriguing!

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I voted for How to be a Hero because i particularly liked how you could find out what type of adventurer you are ;D
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I chose How to Be A Hero, even though I don't go there much anymore. Been too busy... ;P
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I chose 'How to Be A Hero' too... it is the only site i saw, the oter ones are unknown to me ; \
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