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Extra, extra! Four Winds reports on new developments in Tamir!

Started by KatieHal, August 02, 2011, 06:30:23 AM

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Nowhere Girl

By the way, where can people post some ideas for possible use in "Four Winds"? OK, my idea is: maybe something more about Genesta's snow leopard?
I just love big cats, especially tigers, lions and snow leopards. It started 30 years ago with my first plush tiger (I still have him and I'd never abandon him). So when first playing "King's Quest 4", I was really happy to discover that the cat in the corner was a snow leopard and disappointed that the game didn't let Rosella pet it (anyway, it's a domesticated snow leopard, so I don't think it would do her any harm. Btw, in 2011 I had an opportunity to pet a snow leopard cub at Warsaw zoo*, I even held her tail for a while and you probably know how gorgeous are snow leopard tails...).
Maybe the article could also relate to the real-life phenomenon of people keeping exotic animals as pets? Google "Enzo the tiger", an amazingly calm animal...
*Snow leopards are fluffy. But not as fluffy as Silke, my (plush) white lion cub.


Welcome to the forums Nowhere Girl!

I'd say this FW forum is the place, either in a new thread or in response to other articles, like you did here, if its related to the article in question. It's always good to hear what people are interested in!

I had a plush snow leopard when I was a kid too, and KQ4 was definitely a big reason I wanted her for Christmas that year :)

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Welcome nowhere girl. Awww I hadn't thought about that. I mentioned her in the Tamir article I wrote in 2011 but nothing since then. Thanks for the suggestion. I'll bring it up to my team in our next meeting. :)
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