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Started by Damar, October 10, 2011, 07:28:19 AM

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So since it's October I've been watching a ton of horror movies.  I've also been scouring youtube to find ghost videos and other scary videos.  Nothing is as frightening as the comments sections which are filled with bitter buzzkills that just shout "FAKE" and gullible idiots who go "OMG so scary!" to videos with bad photoshop.  That said, though, the videos are fun to watch too.

So in honor of Halloween, let's share scary videos.  It can be unsettling, weird, or downright frightening.  Try to scare me!  My Halloween enjoyment demands it!


I'll see if I can hunt down links to these later, but I really love the SyFy series Scare Tactics, and while some of the episodes are kind of lame, some of them are really amazing.  There's one where this little girl convinces her babysitter that the ghost of her (the little girl's) dead twin sister is haunting them.  And another where I believe the same little girl convinces a different babysitter that she has an imaginary friend who is this really terrifying clown.  Both done really well with great effects and both situations would have had me crapping my pants if I were the victim.
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If you pick out an episode of Supernatural at random, you've got a good chance of getting a little mini-horror movie that's only 42 minutes long and really good to boot. "Family Remains" is one of my favorites for an episode that plays like a horror movie.

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Just look up the Justin Bieber movie trailer on YouTube.  Now THAT is some freaky crap.
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I'm not sure if "scary" is quite the right word, but I think this is appropriate.

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