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TSL Episode 5

Started by Shalkar, December 12, 2012, 06:40:19 PM

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Hi. I have been on your website for a while now. I loved the King's Quest The Silver Lining since Episode 1 :). I am waiting patiently for an update when episode 5 comes out. BTW: I did play COGNITION I love it. Great game. SOmething to pass the time.

But please please get to work on Episode 5. I feel as I am never going to see the ending. I love this game. An cannot live without seeing the final episode. The icing of the CAKE! An please Bring Mordack back! haha! He's the evil villian! So into the Dark Magic he sends chills up my spine ;).

Thanks Shalkar!


Rest assured, there's still a full team of people working on Episode 5 of The Silver Lining. It's easier to get something like Cognition out the door because we have a full-time paid team devoted specifically to releasing that game, while TSL is still being worked on by volunteers in their spare time, so it's taking a bit longer. It's definitely coming along and looking really good though.
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We are working on TSL EP 5 every day. With the holidays approaching some people are starting to travel but once the new year comes I'm sure the pace will pick back up again. :)


Awwww thank you! I feel as if I am young again re expierencing the King's Quest collection once again! I like all them especially King's Quest VI Lands of the Green Isles is one of my favorites. An The Silver Lining is right next to it.

I can't wait until the final episode is complete. It will touch my heart! :). I don't know what it is about Mordack but when I heard his voice in King's Quest V he sends goose bumps through me. I hope to see him wearing a black cloak with gold chains. That would be sick!   :devil: lol :)


With WINE coming to android you think it be possible to run TSL on the mobile android device? Just wondering here. Also when is it going to start games coming out on android. My wallet is ready to pay for those games come out on android. Sorry about that. I'm a Android freak :P

PS: If this post is in wrong area please change it and not delete it Thank you!
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WINE on Android, eh? Interesting...
I know people have managed to get TSL running in WINE, so maybe. I don't know that there are any Android devices powerful enough to run it, though.

As for the commercial games, I believe they will be working on Android ports once they switch to Unity 4 (sometime after Episode 4 of Cognition is complete).

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