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Cookie Rules!

Started by Say, May 04, 2004, 06:53:01 PM

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Cookie!.- Rules

Cookie! are the new contest exclusively for haven, everyone can vote and be part of it. Read the rules first:

1. There are rules!

2. You must respect the rules.

3. You must read the rules.

4. Only a true fan can appreciate the beauty of the contest and get the deep insight thoughtful complex theme of them all.  If you are not... well, what are you waiting for!?

5. You must vote to participate and explicitly say your choice.  So, if you win, you get your cookie!

6. YOU WILL GET A COOKIE!... A pic of a cookie!!... Literally.  If you want to eat your monitor, we won't be responsible for whatever happens after that.

7. Participate in Haven's contests, they bring good luck.

8. You gotta like cookies... because.

9. The contests are for entertainment purposes only.  We don't mean to offend anyone.  If you feel offended in any way, please contact the PR/Web Director at .  No insulting, spamming or anything meanieh related.

10. Go vote... NOW!

Say Mistage
Phoenix Online Studios

#IndieSupport <3