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Started by MikPal, October 25, 2011, 01:03:11 PM

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For reasons unknown to me, my thoughts have been with the Midsummer night and all the stupid stuff people do during it. For example:

After the night sauna, if you run through a rye field naked, you should hear your future spouse in the 9th ditch you pass.

You can see your future spouse, if you circle the sauna three times at midnight and then look through the window.

You can meet your future spouse in your dreams, if you go to bed with your left sock the wrong way.

This one's for boys only: To meet your future spouse, you should climb on top of a house that has been a home for three different families, and then sit astride on the ridge.

Any funny traditions you guys know of?


Uuuhh... Had to add this one too:

If a girl wants to know if her future spouse is a widower or a single, she should walk backwards naked toward a stack of firewood. The first wood to touch her buttock is then checked. If it has been chopped, the future spouse is a widower. If it is still round, a single. 


I don't think we have any traditions. :( Your country sounds fun! :P
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