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Started by crayauchtin, October 25, 2011, 11:57:46 PM

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Hi everyone!

So, as some of you may or may not know.... I have a Wiki:

It was inspired by WikiSciFi, in that it covers a genre rather than a specific movie/book/game universe, and links to a lot of other Wikis that can give more detail, specifics, or insight. The Wiki I'm working on is for the sword & sorcery genre, as opposed to science fiction, but it's the same idea.

Now, I'm not asking for help with the articles (although, y'know, feel free) but I would like to also showcase fan creations on this Wiki -- that's where you come in! If you have fan art or fan fiction that you wouldn't mind having shown to the whole internet on a Wiki.... let me know! Obviously credit will be given to whoever created the work, and I'm going to let you decide if you just want me to link to your creation somewhere else on the web, or if you'd like the image/story/whatever actually to be up on the Wiki. I'll be on the hunt about this too, so you may get messages from me on this topic in the future.

That said... I want every page on the Wiki to have a picture, and of course... not all of them do. For some things, where a picture is impossible to get, I'd like to use fanart. I have a category for this (appropriately enough called "Needs Images" :P), much of which is stuff I simply haven't put pictures on yet but some of which are things that I will need artists to create images for! So, if you're an artist and you're looking for inspiration, please look here:

Or just peruse the whole Wiki. I promise to put up any and all fan creations and contributions, no matter whether or not I like them or they're any good, so don't be shy!

This isn't just King's Quest, btw, this is really any and all sword and sorcery! (Although, it's true, the Wiki is currently mostly King's Quest, Quest for Glory, and Warcraft... but it's only because those are the three universes I'm most familiar with and I'm really doing this all by myself so far! :P)
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