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What IS Haven?

Started by Say, May 04, 2004, 06:54:16 PM

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HAVEN .- Read before you freak out

1. This is a special place for forum frequents.  The jokes and threads are sometimes personal, fan-based, biased, interesting/boring, silly/brilliant yet fan based.  If you want to be part of the community you may join.  If you want to scream and run away... you can also do the same but we would like you to join us anyways.

2. You can be a little insane or sane, or both... or none?  Our fans have a special place to express themselves and hang around on their own terms with their own interests.  Here we don't limit our fans.  Feel free to pick your mental disease at the Asylum, your pet, your friends, and your free topics.

3. If you are a forum addict / fan or known as TSL Groupie, you have a voice in your community.  You may vote on all the polls, drop in ideas for Haven, participate on the contest, anything fan-oriented.  Remember to vote as many times as possible, even though it is only possible to vote once.

4. Even though this is a free place it needs to be moderated in order to keep peace and order.  We won't tolerate anarchy, insults, or any other related not stated that may result in the harm of the community or Haven.

5. Respect your mods, they are fans just like you.  We don't want spamming or offensive posts; we are all friendly people.  In case you may disagree with anything happening you can always contact directly the PR/Web Director at  We don't look to offend anyone.

6. Haven and the forum are entirely the PR/Web Team's field, and we promote this for entertainment purpose only for the fan community.  We look foward to your enjoyment here.

ABOUT FOU!.- What is it about?

FOU! is an original comic created for the webteam in cooperation with the fans of the forums.  It will have as the main reason to entertain, and to bring to life everyone's imaginary pet friend into a strip comic.  It is unique and refreshing, it is insane and probably won't make sense, but we do hope everyone enjoys and would like to be part of it. Check out FOU! for futher info on how to get a pet or be part of the concept.

Cookie! are the montly contests as well as the general FOU! where we will have entertaining polls for all our fans related to FOU!, Haven or others.

Freak! are the official weekly polls from the Haven sections, they are organized by fans, for fans.

The SDAC is a wise chocolate chip cookie guru that imparts his wisdom onto the community each week.  He's known to travel all around the world and features a different background each month.

EDIT: Updated rules.

Say Mistage
Phoenix Online Studios

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