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Error in EP4Patch.exe

Started by hrpeanut, November 06, 2011, 02:17:22 PM

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A popup occurs saying:
"Validation failed on game\data\shapes.tsl"

I'm downloading the Full installer now, rather than just the EP4 Patch.  I just thought I would let you guys know.


We've added a note to the Patch download--some people may experience this problem with it. In which case, unfortunately, you will need to download the full Build, uninstall the old game, and then re-install with this build.

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Just a thought... perhaps for future projects (TSL Episode 5 and the forthcoming Cognition episodes), you guys should look into utilizing a different patch delivery system.  If memory serves, there was a lot of issues with people who used the Patch method to get Episode 3 and to see those same issues popping back up with Episode 4 is perplexing.  This isn't such a big deal with TSL, since it's being released for free and as such, with no guarantees when it comes to issue-free performance.  However, with Cognition, this is something that shouldn't be rearing up with each episode, especially if your going to provide people the option of downloading patches as opposed to downloading the full game each time a new episode is released.  The same people that are patient and understanding when it comes to TSL may not be so patient and understanding when they are paying for the episodes that make up Cognition.

That being said, has there been any discussion regarding using a patching process that works similar to how SVN works (press a button and the patch program compares installed files against what is available on the patch server, downloading those files that are either different or are completely new).  Utilizing such a process would eliminate the issue of people patching an outdated version of the game (which appears to be the main culprit for many of the patch-related bugs) and would streamline the process of delivering bug fixes to the user-base. 

Again, just a thought... nothing more.  :)
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Cognition's episodes will be self-contained, meaning they will be more similar to Telltale's releases. Every episode will be its standalone piece of software. We've decided to move away from this patching thing because of all the problems it's been causing. Episode 5 will also be standalone.

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Yeah we're definitely shifting to standalone episodes that can function fully separately from each other primarily because of the issues that come up as a result of this very thing.  We couldn't really do anything to completely get away from it for Episode 4 aside from just forcing everyone to do a full reinstall, but we definitely will be staying away from this type of patching in the future.
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