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Episode 4: Feedback and Thoughts

Started by dark-daventry, November 06, 2011, 03:08:08 PM

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Yes, I am looking forward to the conclusion, but also to what other games are created too! With such a talented group, there are no limits as to what they could create. :) I'm not much on blood and guts in games, and as such have been replaying a lot of older games, so it was sure a pleasant surprise to stumble across this!


Thank you! We like to think so too ;)

Admittedly Cognition is a bloodier game than TSL, though its limited on that and the violence/blood is very stylized (fitting the comic book style, rather than being more realistic).

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At least one reviewer commented positively about a lot of the violence being left to the imagination rather than being shown explicitly. I agree. :)

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Besides I cannot think of one death in Kings Quest that was outright brutal.

The two most brutal deaths were having your lifeforce drained in 6 (causing your character to rot to death on the spot) and being pulled under by the Boneyard in 7.

And yet those are the exceptions mostly.


I can't think of any outright brutal deaths either. Then again, drowning and falling happen so frequently I think they overshadow a lot of the other ways I've died. Even with the other ways, you usually just end up in a flat heap on the ground. I have replayed KQIV recently, and I think having the witches throw you in the cauldron was about the most graphic. I don't remember having my life force drained, so I think it's time to play VI again too!


I don't recall anything like that either, unless he is referring to touching a zuvembie, or being grabbed by Samhain. Doesn't seem like those though, and I recently reviewed all the deaths in YouTube.

What he mentioned, however, DOES occur in VII.

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Maybe I am projecting but it happens when you touch anything undead.


No, Alexander simply dissolves when he touches a zuvembie

Alexander's mother always told him to avoid bad ghouls!
I don't narrate for stinky kings!


You forgot his face screen AFTER that.


 Ok i will give a feedback to each episode lets begin with episode 1:

Nice Intro really nice made, but it was over to quick with, no riddles avaible, the first thing i noticed in the game great voice acting,the graphics are nice made,for myself you did a lovely job with the isle of wonder and Cassimas castle those places look great but i missed to old barking tree at the wonder of the island and the swamp.and rotten tomatoes brother.
Why did you didnt you make the swamp?
Episode 1 was a nice beginning but somehow its heartbreaking to see finally  Rosella gets her final moment with Edgar and it was destroyed i know thats part of the story but somehow it was bitter to see and it started very quick with episode 1. Wedding ruined, Childen are caught in nightmares.

Episode 2 i liked it more better why?
Finally the the worlds is going to end atmosphere was gone, you could finally explore the markets you did a nice job with the market its so lively also i liked it to see the black widow again and finally there were more riddles to solve.
But why didnt we have a chance to talk to the bookworm?you only saw him sitting in the corner but you could not even talk to him i missed that!
The scene from Valanice dont want to spoiler that much it was a little bit disturbing and made you worrie even more.

Episode 3 you finally could visit the isle of the beast? it Episodes 2-3 was pretty nice to play
I personally dont like it getting to be teased  and have to catch  a shell..the riddle was nice in some way but also a bit anoyinng. Personally i dont fit the voice of the female guard doesnt fit it sounded to high and to harsh.
it would also nice if you could offer more possibilities to read more books in Alis Shop, and more interactions with Jollo would be nice you only see him 2 times in the episodes and that about it?
Quite to short i think the arm scene was fun, but more dialogues with Jollo would have been nice.
It was nice you finally had more things to do on the isle of the mist, the Tree from the druid look great, but somehow it would have been nice if you could the dialogues was to short with Dyrad.
The riddles were challenging but not to hard, and the fighting scene was also possible to master and not to hard, you could enjoy the riding and the fighting scenes i liked that much.
i must say for now i liked Episodes 3 the most it gave you the most chances to solves  riddle and i liked that.
To the scene with Beauty/Beast i dont know why you did this but i hope the player will have some chance to help theme.

Episode 4
Finally you got a chance to visit the city of the sacred isle mountain, and as expected some  peoples in the city act arrogant but thats how i imagined theme so it fits and you created their characters very well.
Episode 4 had a great atmosphere, you can visit the isle of the beast and its garden and the city of the winged ones also the scene were you get the fruit was niclely put. but Episode 4 was to quick over more riddles would have been nice,i liked the fighting scene but not this puzzle riddle in fix all symbols for Pandoras box.
i enjoyed all episodes and its fun to play them but the symbol riddle..sry i dont like it :( its a bit to hard i think, if easy that is you have to get 3 correct symbols ok..i can agree with that that it would not have been to challenging for the players but the normal mode..
When you really want to see the ending of episode and you have to struggle with that kind of takes you a lot of patience cauce most of the players would have flip the tables on this riddle and no joking, i read this comment on  Youtoube to a lets play the silver linings, so i say the last riddle is on normal mode quite challenging and difficult to solve.

For all the Episodes i would say Nice Job, but the characters had to suffer a lot.
Some thoughts to the narrator i love how she says:its beyond his reach! some sayings were fun of her but some of them a litle bit to sarcastic?
i liked here voice but i dont liked scentences like: what you do with it, tic tac toc are you done doing crazy things?all the kings quest games gave you the option to interact with all items in the game, personally i dont like that coming from her,its fun and nice when things are good described and you can look at them, touch them, or trying to take it, and interact with all you items in your inventory, and with all items you can see.
For now thats it from me to the silver line Episodes  i am looking forward too the next episode to come out and i hope you will not stop making more episodes please. :)


Does anyone think the part where King Graham plays a ton of different instruments at once is a joke about the sheer number of instruments he, and his family, have played throughout the series?

When I really think about it the Daventry family are quite skilled. Rosella knows at least two instruments and is skilled in archery. Alexander is a accomplished magician and poet and is incredibly skilled with the sword and can play the flute and marimba.

Not that this is too unusual for someone of their station.


Great now I have that fugue-esque tune from KQ4 playing in my head. Mark Seibert hadn't a clue what song that is.... Maybe I'll start a new thread to see if someone knows.

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