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Box Puzzle

Started by cathysue, December 16, 2011, 02:28:25 PM

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I've read all the posts regarding solving the box puzzle, but I still don't get it.  I know that I have to click on the parts of the symbols to match them up with the symbols on the four sides of the box, but I just can't seem to make them correctly.  Maybe someone can give me more info how to finish this puzzle...I'll even take spoilers.   Since I can't manually save the game at this point in the game, I have to keep replaying from when Graham gives everything to the Arch Druid and it's getting pretty monotonous, because I can't open the box and keep quitting the game.  Thanks in advance for any and all suggestions. :'(


Well Here is something that will help ya out. In the Four Winds Issue 2 Page 12 & 13 (14 & 15 PDF page) you will find the symbols for each Horoscope that you need to make in the box puzzle.  Just print those 2 pages out. I hope that this will help ya out. I know that this puzzle is frustrating.


Thanks....I'll give it a try.


For future reference, the Four Winds is also included in the download--if you go to your TSL folder, you'll have the PDF there already.

I'd also recommend Easy mode, if you haven't done that already! Its much less frustrating :)

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Yeah it's not one of those types of puzzles I'm that great at either. Maybe try doing what I did:

1. Take Easy route
2. Click on only the two left wheels until you get a "match" on the left side. Aside from Aquarius all of the signs "feel" correctly matched if you just do the left wheels.
3. Once you get a match, switch the box around until you see the symbol on the box that you're making.
4. Complete the top-right symbol.
5. Finally start touching the bottom-right wheel. I personally think it's the easiest wheel because you can see all of the symbols on it.

If you do it that way the only thing you really need to do is memorize what the 12 symbols are on the bottom-right wheel. I think I completed the puzzle in about 9 minutes doing this method and blabbering about other stuff meanwhile.

Tip: If you do it this way, try to finish Aquarius early before the invisibility gambit starts up because it's the hardest sign in my opinion.

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Thanks everyone for your help....I'll definitely try all the suggestions and post back when I finish the puzzle.  At least now I have some hope that I will be able to finish it. :)