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Take it back

Started by seir, November 07, 2011, 06:25:37 PM

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OK, I'm not so much looking for a hint, as checking if others are seeing the same behavior as me.

[spoiler]After getting the painting from Mr. Snooty-Pants (errrm... Toga), he tells Graham to take the gem back. However, I've reloaded and gone through the conversation twice and Graham doesn't actually get the gem back into his inventory. I'm thinking it might be a slip-up in the dialog and you're not supposed to get the gem back. Has anyone actually gotten the gem back at this point?[/spoiler]


That's actually a bug we never noticed before.  Graham should get it back but we failed to actually return it to his inventory.  It won't cause any problems later on, so no worries!
Weldon Hathaway