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Basement? (Possible spoilers)

Started by flitchard, November 06, 2011, 10:47:40 PM

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Since I don't want the narrator to get a new job... Could I have a hint about how to get downstairs safely?



Have you every played King's Quest VI?  There's a similar need to see in the dark there...maybe the same solution could help?


Are you referring to the fire blazing lamp that I traded for from that kooky peddler returning from VI?


No, he's not.

[spoiler]You've probably tried to take some things in the last 2 chapters... Graham will allow you to take two of them now, since he REALLY needs them.[/spoiler]


I got them and I figured it out. :) But now how to get those little weirdy termites....


[spoiler]They understand the human language, even if you don't understand theirs.[/spoiler]

[spoiler]Just give them the wood. They'll handle the rest.[/spoiler]


Got it. Did not think they would carve it into that. Thanks for the tip. ;)