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Shadrack is Attacking my Boat

Started by daventry, November 07, 2011, 11:30:59 PM

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[spoiler]He keeps rocking my Boat and Graham falls into the see, the Arrow Keys dont work and the Spell Disk thingy does nothing.[/spoiler]


[spoiler]Try to stay in the middle.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Click the dodge button in the opposite direction that Graham is slipping.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Be quick, you have only about a second after Graham hits the side before he goes over. Also, SPOILERS MUCH? :P[/spoiler]


There are no Dodge Icons, Graham just falls around and i click and press madly.

This Part gets so messed up that Graham and Shadrack are attacking eachother and i just watch what They are doing, ive lost complete control.


[spoiler]See the arrows on the compass thing? They are the dodge buttons.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]The waves are water, and the purple thing is air[/spoiler]
[spoiler]Brown for earth, and red for fire.[/spoiler]
[spoiler]If there's no compass. then you should talk to tech support...[/spoiler]


After finishing Shadrack,[spoiler] i watched the Ending of the Game and i cant hear a thing, my Speakers are full blast and i cant even hear the end credits[/spoiler]


Got the same problem, and the ending is slow slow slow.


Are there any advanced tips on this final fight?

[spoiler]The first Graham attacks hit Shadrack with the Earth element only, maybe the Fire element near the end?[/spoiler]

And how do I dodge every kind of attack? How do I quickly recognize every type of attack?

P.S.: I won, here's how:

[spoiler]When Graham attacks, use only the Earth element.
Shadrack can:
1) Use a lightning - reply pressing left or right arrow and have a bit of luck
2) Raise hands and come crushing on you - reply with Water
3) Summon winds (you see he's in a shape of black clouds or similar) - reply with Wind
4) Let the ferry rock, when Graham is on the right edge, press the left arrow, when Graham is on the left edge press the right arrow as soon as you can. This attack happens 3 times in a row, usually.

You always attack him with the Earth symbol.

When his life line reaches the very beginning of his life column, he will begin to attack you with green swirling lights.
Now it's time to use the Fire element immediately, don't wait for your defensive moment.

Hope this helps.  :)



[spoiler]That last move is Shadrack trying to regenerate some health. I waited in case there was another death scene. I WANTS THAT SHIRT!! :suffer: :P[/spoiler]