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[FIXED]'Retry' issues (Category: Save/Load)

Started by maudell, November 09, 2011, 05:34:09 PM

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I'm so sad! I hope I can get help :-)
I downloaded the patch for Episode IV, and it didn't work (I had the same problem with ep III). So I re-re-redownloaded  the full game. I still couldn't get the saves, but to me it's not a big deal, since I always end up playing the whole game.
I was, I think, kind of far into the game, in the [spoiler]Beast's basement, and I stupidly fell down a hole on my way to feed the termites[/spoiler]
I pressed 'retry', it worked before when I died.
It reloaded, but I don't have a Graham anymore. I kept playing, [spoiler]got the king from the termites.[/spoiler]
But now I can't get out! Graham is invisible, but he can talk, look, and see.  :o He can't die or leave the room though. Do I actually have to start over from the beginning once again or is there a small chance I can fix it?
(Love the game btw)


It's really odd that Graham became invisible there - that may be related to the general issue of you not being able to save at all.  What happens if you click the hand on the door to leave or the tinderbox on the pallets to look under them?  Does he stay invisible?
Weldon Hathaway


Yeah, I looked at the scatch on the floor, and there's the narrator's voice and all, but he doesn't reappear. I've been trying to open the door for a while but I can't leave(this happened another time before but I was able to move away and reappeared).
I'll mess around with it a bit longer.

I was thinking I should make him die again but can't figure out how (he won't fall in the hole again). Any other way I can die in the basement?


Try actually using Alexander's tinderbox item on the pallet by the scratches.  Graham does something there - see if that gets him to reappear.
Weldon Hathaway


No dice.

Thanks for helping me try though, but I think I'll have to start over...


Also, if you're on Windows 7 and unable to save (and hence playing through on retries only), then try running the game as Administrator.

Go to the game directory, right click on the game exe and choose to Run as Administrator.

There are several threads in the Technical Help section regarding this, if you'd like to see more info about that.


Thanks I should have seen it. I still had to shut it down, but at least now I can save.
Thank you!