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[NOT-FIXED]tsl.exe not working (Category: Misc)

Started by Gononom, November 09, 2011, 04:20:44 PM

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Hi Wilco

I deleted my old full build installation of EP3 and installed the full build of EP4.  I restored the banshee save game and everything worked fine.  I found all of the ingredients finishing with the silver moon.  It runs through the scene with Cassima, but when Graham starts walking away after closing the list, the Crown stays on screen and the screen goes black.  Then the not working notice comes up.  I installed the windows 7 patch with the same result.



Yeah that's exactly where Episode 3 ends and a few people have had some issues with Graham leaving that scene.  I'm not entirely sure what's causing it there but you should be totally fine to just start Episode 4 now.
Weldon Hathaway