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Epic Fail in Episode 4

Started by Fierce Deity, November 10, 2011, 11:27:13 PM

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Fierce Deity

[spoiler]I just finished getting the last of the ingredients, and when I was hopping on the ship to go see the Druid,[/spoiler] I was taken to the background of the sea where the map was supposed to pop up, except the map didn't pop up. I was stuck on this one screen, and since I was in such a lucky streak of not running into any bugs, I hadn't saved for a long time. I regret not saving earlier, but now I'm forced to start over, cause my save file got erased. A great game, and the best episode yet, but clearly an FML for the day.  :-[

I'll pick up the episode over the weekend, but I need a break for now.
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