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The final battle sequence is HARD

Started by joedoebloke, November 11, 2011, 12:15:19 PM

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I am [spoiler]fighting Shadrack[/spoiler] but it is too freakin' hard.  Except for trying to [spoiler]write down the correct sequence of moves then dying then repeating this strategy[/spoiler] until I win, what other methods ARE there?

(Posted on: November 11, 2011, 02:00:50 PM)

The first wave of attacks were EASY because during the first wave, [spoiler]after King Graham loses HALF his health, the Silver Cloak arrives to assemble the magic ring, then King Graham is back to full health.[/spoiler]

I believe the PO Studios volunteers decided to add the [spoiler]6 moves for King Graham (2 defense, 2 dodge, 2 attack), and making Shadrack launch his attacks within 2 seconds[/spoiler], to make sure that only ELITE players with quick reflexes can win.  JUST PLAIN STUPID!  I gave up after dying 10 times.

For the ELITE PLAYERS ONLY, here are the signals that the opponent will attack - [spoiler]Shadrack raises both arms and flies upward - use WATER, Shadrack summons a fog spell to HIS left - use LEFT/RIGHT dodge, Shadrack raises both arms and creates a spell between his hands - USE AIR.  Your 2 attacks are fire and earth - do not bother using Fire in the beginning because Shadrack uses his LEFT/RIGHT dodge[/spoiler].  Remember, you have less than a second to execute your move.


Hmm... The timing wasn't that short on my computer (but it's not very fast). The problem I saw was that some of Graham's attacks were a bit too graphically intense for my system, and it would "skip" directly to an attack by Shadrack. :-\

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I'm finding that the game is just... stopping. If I accidentally use an air defence against what turns out to be a shadow punch, Graham gets damaged but the enemy just hangs in the air and does nothing. Clicking on the water or air makes Graham raise the item like he's about to do something, but nothing happens. :S

If I try to cast a spell and I'm not quick enough, there seems to be even odds that I'll get whaled on and be unable to doing anything in my own defence (dodge/move/cast) or both parties will just stop doing anything and I'll have to quit out of the game to try again.

I also feel unsure if I'm supposed to do/capable of doing anything against the wave attacks. Sometimes Graham barely shudders, sometimes he staggers all the way to the edge and falls over, apparently without any difference in the attack or my response to it.


Bizzare. After numerous attempts, my very next one went incredibly smoothly. Graham took no damage and there were no incidents where the wheel flipped too slowly or characters stood around doing nothing.

Hmm, I shall continue trying.


Yeah the battle is quite hard. After many attempts I finally win. The key is memorize the enemy's attack styles, then you will dodge well. For the enemy trying to shake the ship, no need to worry as long as you stay balance. When it's your turn to attack, only one spell can hit him, and it's [spoiler]earth, as fire can be dodged easily by the enemy. [/spoiler]When the enemy's health reaches zero he'll try to heal himself, he'll not move for a few sec. There's only one spell can end the battle right now, and it's [spoiler]fire. Use earth and you'll fight him again for awhile.[/spoiler]