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MSN Problems

Started by Say, May 08, 2004, 03:01:00 AM

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Louisiana: Since you're running Linux, give GAIM or aMSN a try. They both have Windows ports too, but the native Linux might run better. (I can't get GAIM to run at all on Win98 for me. :P ) I use aMSN myself, annoying in some ways, but it gets the job done. GAIM's an all-in-one, while aMSN just does MSN.

Trillian is nice for Windows, provided you have IE5+ installed. It's another all-IM-services-in-one deal.

Peace & Luv, Liz

Louisiana Night

QuoteHow do you mean greedy?

They're worse than they used to be, in almost every way. I used to play games on the MSN Gaming Zone, until they added passports(too much control, I decided not to get one).

QuoteSince you're running Linux

I was looking for a Windows program to use. XP caused me trouble, and now Linux isn't working right(happend right after I got it working on the internet  :( ). To be more specific, it erased GRUB(and I don't know what all else).

QuoteThey both have Windows ports

I didn't know that. Thanks.

*starts downloading GAIM, despite using 98, and aMSN*


I like the name of this thread


>:( stupid thing with its not letting me use it properly...are u kimmie discriminative too? BAH!
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