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Started by Sunywolffie, November 26, 2011, 07:37:01 PM

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OK, i am kind of not sure what to do next... and i've been playing for a while, so i am not sure what i am missing, and i don't want to go through the forum and accidentally discover a blatant answer. I apologize if i am missing a thread that gives a hint towards what to do next based on my progress (i haven't looked at anything this episode). What i've done so far (SPOILERS)

1. Picked up Flute/lantern from Alexanders room
2. Traded Flute for Lute.
3. Searched town (talked to lamp guy/carpet guy)
4. Went in Library/got poetry book.
5. Went to Isle of Wonder (talked to chess pieces)
6. Went to isle of mist (talk to wanderer/received crystal from tree)
7. Entered isle of beast, picked up baton, lamp, visited statue/received clues.
8. hedge clipped the maze to enter castle.
9. Spoke with beauty/beast.
10. Entered basement, lit basement, picked up shovel (spoke with ants, not sure what to do with them yet.)
11. Used crystal on picture (accidental discovery)
12. Picked up White Rose
13. Figured out lock/key. (lots of trial/error, but got it on my own!) received black rose
13. Traded Lamp for Fire Lamp.
No idea what to do next... or more importantly, what detail i am missing, and i feel like i've gone through every room multiple times, and tried most of what i could think of rationally...
Thanks in advance.


I think there's a couple directions I can help you out with, one being biggest issue for you at the moment if I'm looking at your progress correctly:

[spoiler]Check around the Isle of the Crown docks if you haven't seen anything different. This will trigger a few interactions that'll help progress you a great deal. There's some other things to check out on the Isle of the Crown but I'm not sure you'll be on board with me blatantly telling you what it is.[/spoiler]

To a lesser degree:

[spoiler]You'll have to return back to Beast's basement sooner or later for something you missed[/spoiler]

These should help focus you on how to get back to progressing.

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[spoiler]Every rose has it's thorn, are you SURE that white rose is genuine?[/spoiler]

You also need to visit [spoiler]Chessboard Castle[/spoiler].


That hint (talking to the mermaid that i blatantly missed) spurred me on to solve the majority of the puzzles... HOWEVER (stuck one more time)

[spoiler]I got the king back to the chess game, and i figured out how to get the blood on the rose, HOWEVER, i cannot figure out the 4 winds. I have ALL the instruments, however i can't find my way into the temple... even though the king gave me permission to explore, Graham refuses to enter the temple... i am sure the 4 instruments go in there... but im probably missing something stupid.[/spoiler]


(Posted on: November 29, 2011, 10:13:15 PM)

NVM got it!

(Posted on: November 29, 2011, 10:15:31 PM)

haha, nevermind, i don't got it [spoiler]I thought combining the 4 instruments would be key... but that didn't help me enter the temple...[/spoiler] so i am still a little stuck :(


You don't use those to enter any actual building.  But they are used in that general part of the island yes.
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Got it... tried...[spoiler]playing the instrument on the main screen with graham in the air... got a clue that said i wasn't quite in the right spot... so after trying to play it in front of the king (to no avail) i finally figured out that's how i get to the wall[/spoiler] You guys are clever! Really pushing my limited intelligence as i desperately try not to cheat, but succumbed a few times. haha.