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Possible spoilers - need help in the Winged One City, ep 4

Started by eclewis, December 06, 2011, 04:44:16 PM

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I have all four instruments and am at the wall. I click one of instruments on King Graham, and the narrator says "even though that was a good idea, it doesn't seem to have worked."  I'm not sure what else I need to do.



Play around with the instruments a little bit. You'll figure it out :)

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I'm experiencing the exact same problem:
[spoiler]I've combined all 4 instruments, and have tried clicking them on Graham at the wall, and I get the exact same message. Have I overlooked something, or could this some kind of rare bug? [/spoiler]


Do you have the right 4 instruments? I don't remember if you're allowed to make the "wrong" combination or not.
Did you trade with Pan?

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It is possible to combine the "wrong" four instruments, which would prevent progression here. This part of the game only works if you have the right four instruments combined.
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