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E3 ingredient list changes

Started by gossamershadow, February 16, 2012, 10:59:52 PM

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Hello! I am having trouble in episode 3... I was at the Isle of Wonder and got attacked by the draconic flowers... then I reloaded my game and must have done something... b/c when I went to sail to the Isle of Mists I noticed that my ingredient list had changed to have a little story about the 'key to her heart' and a scene with an X on it. Unfortunately, I got myself killed on the Isle of Mist and had to reload from the previous point, but I can't figure out what I've done differently and can't get the ingredient scroll to change again... any ideas?


Do you happen to have any other saves a little earlier you could load back up or anything like that?  It's showing something that shouldn't show up until late in Episode 4 which is really weird.
Weldon Hathaway


I had one earlier save, which I tried and it didn't show up, so I had assumed I was missing something, but if it's not supposed to show up now, then since I can't get it to show back up, I'll assume the game is actually working more correctly without it : ) Thank you.


I'm playing through the game now and also had the poem and a picture of the hedge maze appear on the scroll in both certain parts of episode 2 and episode 3. i don't exactly remember what I did to make them appear, but having no idea what these were I looked at a walkthrough real quick and realized they weren't relevant until episode 4. Quite a glitch though.