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[NOT-FIXED]Game won't save after finding keyhole in maze (Category: Save/Load)

Started by al0cer, December 09, 2011, 01:11:40 AM

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-> What kind of CPU/Processor you are using in your computer.
Core i3 530 2.9Ghz
-> Amount of physical RAM you have installed on your computer.
-> What kind of Video Card you have installed in your computer (manufacturer, card model name).
Motherboard/On-board video

-> Operating System you are using.
Windows 7 32 Pro

-> A brief description of the bug, error, or problem along with what you were doing when it occured.

Every time I save the game after finding the keyhole, I get a 'tsl-game' not responding.
Game is currently installed in c:\TSL
Admin rights and compatibility assigned.
Installed/Reinstalled. Tried everything.
Plz help!


This may just be an unexpected oddity where the game doesn't like to be saved after finding one of the missing items in the maze.  Try leaving the scene and then saving, or also finding the key itself and then leaving and saving, that should work.
Weldon Hathaway