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Some original music

Started by MusicallyInspired, February 05, 2012, 01:55:46 AM

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I was suddenly inspired to compose and I couldn't stop. I stayed up until 2:30 in the morning making this. It's still a work in progress, but I'm going to add some more interesting bits and guitar later on. I like to experiment with jazz every now and then. Every time I do it seems to come out with this strange electronic/synth blend. Can't wait to play some improv lead over this.


Wow. I was just playing Portal 2 (and listening to the soundtrack), so I'm sort of primed in favor of electronic/synth blends, but this is really good. The mixing is especially fantastic, but even just the basic melody is really nice. Thanks for sharing. :D

It did sorta seem to end abruptly though. :P
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Yeah, unfinished as yet. I have big plans for this track, though. It will be very good! At least, I hope everyone thinks so. lol



dude.. WHAT!!

I clicked on this to write it off..

And then you killed it!

I enjoy it thoroughly... Did you continue with it? Any chance you want help?

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I will be continuing with it. My recording gear is on the fritz right now, though. Won't be able to record any guitar until I get that sorted. But I can extend the theme which I'll be doing. I'd prefer to do everything on my own as well. :)

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really good man i wish i could  make somthing that good


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I like this a lot! It has that blend of synth and calm that I can't seem to find in many places; reminds me a little of the easier-going tunes on the Bladerunner soundtrack.
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