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Best and Worst King's Quest Costume Design

Started by KatieHal, January 17, 2012, 11:07:26 AM

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Oh yeah, I had forgotten that he calls you a swine! Bwa ha ha! :rofl:
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Perpetually. ;D
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Incidentally, there a green shirt in Skyrim that reminds me of Alexander's green and gold shirt. I don't play it on a PC or else I'd get a screenie of it but it's just green and gold and reminds me of it.

Saladin's the best because favorite character etc

Actually I like Graham's simple red shirt and blue pants because even as a kid I could just wear jeans and put on a red shirt and pretend I was adventuring like Graham.

It's hard to pick an "ugliest" because I can't think of any original they did that stood out in any games that were bad. Though I always wondered why they decided to put bandages on the hands of the werewolf in KQ7. I also don't know why they made the face of the witch in KQ5 so looooooong from the side.

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Fallout 3 Graham is Best Graham


Maybe because what looks like the lower part of her jaw is actually her extended hand?  ;)