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Happy Birthday JoJo!!

Started by wilco64256, January 21, 2012, 11:03:34 AM

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Hey she's not a member of the forums but without her support I wouldn't be either.  Happy Birthday to my wonderful and super-awesome wife!  I love you tons!!
Weldon Hathaway


Happy birthday JoJo! Thanks for letting us steal Weldon so much!!  :partyhat: :bow: :jester:

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So what if I am, huh? Anyways, I work better when I'm drunk. It makes me fearless! If I see a bad guy, I'll just point my sword at him and saaaaaaaaaay, "Hey! Bad guy! You're not s'posed to be here! Go home or I'll stick you with my sword 'til you go, 'Ouch! I'm dead!' Ah-ha-ha!" Ha-ha. *hic* See? Ain't no one gonna be messin' wit' ol', Benny!


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:drinking: You love Weldon, we love Weldon, Weldon loves you, and that means we love you by extension!  Happy birthday!

Take your pick of cakes, I don't know your style! :)
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