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Can't get to TSL downloads - It keeps asking me to log in

Started by Tiggit, January 25, 2012, 04:31:37 PM

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Well im having a little problem. Everytime I hit to download game, the website sends me to the "log on" area. When I try to enter my username and password, it tells me im wrong.

What can I do?, I really want to play Silver Lining.


Well it looks like you're able to login to the forums ok, try just clicking on this link and see if it takes you straight to the downloads page properly:

UPDATE: The TSL Episodes have now been moved to our online store and are available here:
Weldon Hathaway


I had the same dammed problem, thanks for the link, i was getting crazy looking for download page.




Same here, I thought I was nuts.  I think something is wrong with the WordPress integration.  It won't even allow me to reset my password because it says I don't exist.  Good thing I am not an existentialist!


Yeah, in case there wasn't enough confirmation, this is definitely a problem. :P I know this isn't peak time for TSL-downloading, but this has to get fixed before Episode 5 comes out, right?
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Yeah we're going to have our store system completely overhauled by then so it'll be working properly.
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Thank you! I couldn't figure out what the heck I was doing wrong. Just stumbled upon the game and really loved the King's Quest series so dying to try it out! :)
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Thanks from me too! I had the same login issue, but your link works and I'm downloading now. I'm excited to try it out!


I tried wilco's link and got to the download page but now I get a message from IE that it can't display the page when I try the Full Build download link. :help:


It may be that mirror is having issues of its own, try the link a few times.
Weldon Hathaway


Awesome ;D 
thanks for the link,  me and my sister Karen were wild about Kings Quest when I owned my 2nd desktop pc.  A 486/66. lol  It was top of the line back then just before the first Pentium machine came out.  My sis would visit me on weekends and never talk to me.  She was too busy playing King Quest on my computer! lol  I wish they still made adventure games similar to this.  Anyone know of any available for the ps3?  Thanks for the help.  Downloading the game as we speak! Cant wait to play! :) :suffer:


Thanks. This solves the download problem for the game itself, but not the soundtrack.

Aha! I happened to guess this URL (based on the one given above). If anybody wants to download the soundtrack, it works here:


Thanks for the links!  One more confirmation of the problem!



Same login issue. Good job Wilco on the link and the TSL team on ironing out the bugs before ep 5 is released.

Perhaps the link should be available as a direct link post sign up (to prevent the ??? feeling).



When I downloaded the episode 1-4 pack it only downloaded the 4th episode. Is there another way to get all of them?


If the file you downloaded was over 1.6 GB then it was all four together.  The downloads page has two links, one that says "Episode 4 Patch Only" that is just Episode 4 to add onto the other three, and another that says "Full Build of Episodes 1-4" that has all four episodes.
Weldon Hathaway