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Uncharted 3

Started by wilco64256, January 29, 2012, 12:18:15 AM

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Beat it in just over 8 hours (though spread over an entire week), glad I only rented it.  Story was mildly interesting but I was hoping for a better ending than what I got.  I don't feel like the visuals were any better than the previous two.  And I feel no real motivation to replay it for any reason.

Anybody agree / disagree?

I guess I just don't understand why I would pay $60 for something that felt like a casual game experience to me.  The other Uncharted's have been the same way, the last few Tomb Raider games as well, even Metroid: Other M pulled the same "here's a game you could beat in a single day" garbage.  What gives?
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I have to agree. To be honest, I haven't even played Uncharted 2. After beating one, I thought "It's a fun game, but it's not a series that's going to develop well." I understood that the games were going to be short, and were going to show off their cinematic qualities while holding back on the gameplay experience. It's the reason why games like Gears of War and Halo don't interest me. If I can beat it in a day, then my money is better spent on chocolate chip cookies, right Weldon?

I am hoping that Naughty Dog does something special with The Last of Us. If that game ends up being something like Uncharted, then I'll just wait for the Jak and Daxter HD collection to get my old Naughty Dog kicks.  :P
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Oh I did not like this one very much. The game was just throwing you from environment to environment with no coherence in the story (those spiders became the mystery focus of the game, then I guess the devs forgot about them or something). I hated having the rug pulled under me in the ship level telling me that all that work was for nothing. Having the stages developed before writing the story (one of the devs admits to this in the bonus features) never really made me feel that anything I did in the game was achieving some sort of goal.

Maybe I just loved Uncharted 2 so much that I expecting the game to achieve that sort of success.

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