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King's Quest IX future...

Started by Say, January 04, 2004, 07:38:45 PM

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What should be the future of King's Quest IX?

1. Released as freeware on this site, unaffiliated with anyone or anything but ourselves
16 (80%)
2. Created and published under the Sierra banner, with the developers, writers, artists, etc. getting paid
2 (10%)
3. Released as freeware on this site with Sierra's special permission, paying them a royalty of some sort
1 (5%)
4. Shut down the project as it is, because we're violating copyrights and stepping on toes
0 (0%)
5. Shut down the project because nobody but Roberta Williams could make a real King's Quest
0 (0%)
6. Publish it ourselves and market it as either shareware or pay for advertising and selling on the shelves of Best Buy
1 (5%)

Total Members Voted: 19


#1 was and still is the plan for KQIX, but there's no harm in making a poll showing these other options. XD

Erpy's right about the wording in #4 being a bit too extreme, because most likely we wouldn't shut down completely if presented with a C&D letter, but rather restructure so the game no longer violates any terms.  :)
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(puts on Pirate voice even though "international lets talk like a pirate day" is well and truly over)

Arghh, yonkey lad, tis' a fine plan so it ti's, haharghhh! (swigs whiskey). Now if only we could enslave those scurvy knaves over at Sierra for allowing that unwholsome blight which was MOE, to curse these fair adventure gaming oceans with something so terrible, it makes this old seadog's blood run cold.
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