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Zelda: Oracles Games on 3DS eShop

Started by wilco64256, February 16, 2012, 08:33:29 PM

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Not that they currently are, but they absolutely should be.  These were easily two of the best games to ever hit the Gameboy Color system, two of the better Zelda games in general, and their cross-linking system made for tons of replayability.

And considering the raging success of Link's Awakening DX on the eShop it's only natural that these two should follow suit.  I even emailed Nintendo recommending they be tacked up on there.  Not that I expect my lonely email to accomplish much but I'm sure if they get a lot of emails from people asking for the same games they're probably more likely to look into it.
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I agree as well. These were some fun games. I had both Ages and Seasons, but I was going to play along with a friend, so I only played Ages while he played Seasons.

[spoiler]We eventually beat the games and cross-linked to unlock the final chapter that allowed you to fight Twinrova and Ganondorf. What an epic ending.[/spoiler]

I hope that if they release these games on the eShop, they integrate the benefits of the cross-linked experience. I want to swing the Biggoron Sword around. That was fun.
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Link's Awakening is so much better.  That game was a f***ing revelation on the Gameboy.  It proved that a massive, deep, Link to the Past style RPG game was possible on a handheld.  And it was easily one of the best Zelda games that ever came out.  In fact, I'd rate it my 3rd place favorite next to Link to the Past and Ocarina of Time.

Ages and Seasons always seemed like pale imitations at best.  I never was able to get into them as much as Awakening.

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Awakening was my first Zelda ever, so I think very highly of it. I still just think the cross-link system for Ages and Seasons was a fun concept. As far as quality, I think Awakening takes the cake.
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