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Happy Birthday Fierce Deity!

Started by Fierce Deity, February 23, 2012, 12:23:15 AM

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Fierce Deity

Right, so like, it was my birthday. And there was like, presents. And there was also, cake. And then I went to sleep.  :yes:
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Happy birthday!!!

What presents did you get? :D

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Happy birthday! (Sorry for not noticing and starting a birthday thread.) Awww, man! We forgot last year, too!  :!Oops:

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Happy birthday! Looks like Snabbott beat me to the cake. :)

Hope it was great!
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Perpetually. ;D
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So what if I am, huh? Anyways, I work better when I'm drunk. It makes me fearless! If I see a bad guy, I'll just point my sword at him and saaaaaaaaaay, "Hey! Bad guy! You're not s'posed to be here! Go home or I'll stick you with my sword 'til you go, 'Ouch! I'm dead!' Ah-ha-ha!" Ha-ha. *hic* See? Ain't no one gonna be messin' wit' ol', Benny!

Fierce Deity

Thanks everybody. As far as presents, it was pretty cool. I got some new cymbals for my drumset, and then I got a PSVita with the Uncharted game that came out for it. So it was a pretty cool birthday. Also, my sister had made me a cake that looked like drums. When I get a copy of the picture, I'll post it up here.
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