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Kings Quest 8 Locations

Started by racx_00, March 22, 2004, 05:51:24 AM

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No suffocating underground realm?  :o
Yay! XD
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I <3 Connor but he is beyond my reach!


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never really liked the dude, he is so skinny ...or actually not
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Yeah I didn't like him much either. It was such a dissapointment going through the entire land and then that floating platform thing to get shown *that*. Ah well its not like the rest of the game was any different. Although saying that I thought the swamp witch was kinda cool, did she have a name at all?
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I didn't like him either (no big surprise there :P).
I found the Dimension Of Death's very existance disturbing due to the (supposed) clash with KQ6. Geez, couldn't they look 2 games back and see IT'S BEEN DONE? >:(

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