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Hi there, Green Islanders!

Started by GrahamRocks!, March 18, 2012, 01:56:36 PM

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*waves* Hello there! I'm GrahamRocks! and have just recently gotten into the KQ series (thanks to Paw' Kings Quest Retrospective), and am liking what I see! The story really interests me, and I especially like TSL' storyline.

I also like to play video games, like Pokemon, Mario, Zelda, Okami, Nancy Drew, and starting to get into Fire Emblem. and I like to watch movies and read books, especially Fantasy and Adventure like The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars and Indiana Jones. I like to read books too, like Warriors, The Mysterious Benedit Society, Artemis Fowl, and Redwall.

I am a Christian. And single sadly.

Just finished watching Toegoff' LP of TSL! I enjoy his commentary, rather relaxing but funny as well.


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Quote from: GrahamRocks! on March 18, 2012, 01:56:36 PM
I am a Christian. And single sadly.
:highfive: Me too!

And welcome! Glad you're here! Graham DOES rock, doesn't he? Make sure he watches out for POIsonous snakes, though.
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Perpetually. ;D
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